Visual Deck

Retail business performance, seen differently.

visual deck

What is Visual Deck

Retail business performance, seen differently.

The Visual Deck is a platform through which you can see the performance of your business, visually. Graphs replace reports, making trends obvious and a path ahead clearer to follow. Graphs that change with time and through which you can dive deeper into what is happening in your business.

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What we offer

An evolving platform providing secure visual access to your business performance data from anywhere in the world, comparing trading periods, providing easy understanding.

  • Your data your way

    You choose whether you want to see data for a week, month or year … or day of week.

  • Your view.

    You can choose a range of data layouts to give you the experience you are looking for..

  • Comparison

    easily see how you are trading now compared to a year ago, for the trading periods you select.

what we offer

Who we are

Specialised POS software for your retail business.

Tower Systems is an Australian software company developing POS software for specialty retail businesses in a range of niche retail channels. The Visual Deck is our latest cloud based product providing a visual view of the performance based on data gathered through our POS software. We serve in excess of 3,500 small and independent retail businesses in several countries.


You can access the Retailer Visual Deck for a month to month price or yearly. Payment is managed online. Please click on their below.

12 Months
$120please note: Paid in advance.
1 Month
$30please note: Paid in advance.